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Beach Ready Duo

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Key Benefits

Cosy Poncho Towel

  • Your new summer sidekick!
  • Offers optimal sun protection (UPF 50+ certified)
  • Keeps cold breezes at bay for windy days at the beach
  • Dries over 200% faster than regular towels*
  • Holds twice its weight in water* - perfect for all-day use
  • Absorbs 25% more water than a regular towel*
  • Doubles up as a beach cover-up or changing robe
  • Chlorine resistant materials
  • Features a large hood and kangaroo pocket
  • Includes a matching travel drawstring bag
  • One size fits all

*Independent laboratory testing (2023)

Kloud Slides

  • Brand new design and better-than-ever orthopaedic support
  • The perfect footwear solution for foot, joint and back pain relief
  • Soft, spongey cloud-like comfort with reinforced cushioning
  • Anti-slip cloud-textured design for grip on all surfaces
  • 4.5cm thick shock absorption sole
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


Cosy Poncho Towel

  • OEKO-TEX® certified - suitable for sensitive skin with no harmful chemicals or synthetics
  • Smooth, Terry Microfibre (400gsm) material
  • 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide 

Kloud Slides

  • Engineered smoothSTEP™ sole-soothing EVA materials
  • Bespoke, brand-exclusive design & material
  • Non-slip cloud design on the sole
  • 4.5mm waterproof outsole
  • Available in 5 modern colours


Cosy Poncho Towel

  • Place in the washing machine on a gentle cycle
  • Use cold water at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius
  • Be sure to use a gentle detergent
  • Your Cosy Poncho Towel needs to be air-dried only
  • Not suitable for tumble drying

Kloud Slides

  • Easily wash off beach sand, mud and other dirt by simply wiping with a wet cloth
  • Leave to air dry in a shaded area

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  • Geographic restrictions may apply


  • We offer full refunds on selected products returned 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • To start your return please email
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  • For hygiene purposes, footwear (Komfies and Kloud Slides) are subject to a 7-day return policy
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Experience the benefits of our Beach Ready Duo

Dry off in cosy comfort

Made from fast-absorbing Terry Microfiber (400gsm) our Cosy Poncho Towel feels super soft against dry and wet skin.


Our UPF 50+ Cosy Poncho Towel doubles up as a beach cover-up and changing robe to keep you dry, sun-protected and snug.

Step into snugness

Free your feet from uncomfortable shoes with our foot-hugging Kloud Slides, designed to soothe your soles and relieve joint and back pain.


What UK sizes are the Cosy Poncho Towels available in?

Our Cosy Poncho Towel features a breathable one-size-fits-all design, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right size. Please refer to our size chart for exact measurements.

What UPF rating does the Cosy Poncho Towel have?

Our Cosy Poncho Towel has a UPF 50+ rating for excellent sun protection. Plus, it features a comfy hood to protect your head and neck from the sun’s rays.

How do I use the Cosy Poncho Towel?

Designed to be multi-functional, our Cosy Poncho Towel does it all. Wear it as a beach-cover up, as a changing robe, or use it as a snug swap for your regular beach towel. Plus, it’s rated UPF 50+ so you can stay snug and sun-protected, whether you’re going from shore to sand or pool to party!

What material are they made from?

Our Cosy Poncho Towel features the snuggest Terry Microfibre material imaginable. Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, the fabric feels breathable and super comfy.

How do I wash my Cosy Poncho Towel?

We best recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle using cold water and then air drying. Please note that your Cosy Poncho Towel is not suitable for tumble drying and cannot be bleached, ironed or dry cleaned. 

How does the Cosy Poncho Towel dry off so fast?

Our Cosy Poncho Towel dries over twice as fast than regular towels as it’s been carefully designed to provide optimum air circulation. The fit feels breathable, comfortable and oh-so-soft. 

Is the Cosy Poncho Towel chlorine resistant?

Yes, it is! We conducted independent testing on our Cosy Poncho Towel and can confirm that it is chlorine resistant. That means no more post-swim stickiness while getting changed into your poncho – phew!

Is the Cosy Poncho Towel waterproof?

While our Cosy Poncho Towel is chlorine resistant and can absorb up to twice its weight in water, it’s not suitable to wear while submerged in water. 

What sizes do the Kloud Slides come in?

Our Kloud Slides are available in 5 sizes XS, S, M, L and XL to accommodate a range of sizes from UK 4 - 10. To find the perfect fit, please see our size chart which has more measurement details. We’ve improved our sizing based on customer feedback for a comfier fit than ever before. We recommend measuring your foot and going with the size you believe will be comfiest to wear.

What are the Kloud Slides made of?

Our new and better-than-ever Kloud Slides designed with reinforced cushioning for soft, cloud-like comfort made from smoothSTEP™ sole-soothing EVA materials.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, Kloud Slides have a 4.5cm thick outsole which is 100% waterproof, meaning they can be comfortably and safely worn while wading through shallow water, while by the pool or after taking a bath. 

Are Kloud Slides suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, they certainly are! You can wear them at the beach, by the pool, in the garden, while running errands or even while doing jobs around the house. If you plan to wear them indoors after wearing them outdoors, we best recommend cleaning them for hygienic purposes or buying two pairs so you have designated indoor and outdoor shoes.

How do I clean Kloud Slides?

Caring for your Kloud Slides is as easy as using a wet cloth and washing off any mud, dirt or beach sand. Then, just leave to air dry in a shaded area and they’ll be as good as new.

Do Kloud Slides have an anti-slip design?

Our Kloud Slides are scientifically proven* to offer high anti-slip resistance, so you can feel confident wearing them anywhere and everywhere. They also offer a super-supportive grip for all surfaces/terrain such as sand, bark, grass, gravel, larger stones, mud and metal.

*Independent laboratory testing, July 2023.

Do Kloud Slides help with foot pain?

Yes, they can. While walking, the force on our feet is five times the body weight, so supportive footwear like our Kloud Slides is a must.  

If you suffer with discomfort from foot-related medical conditions, you’ll be able to find relief from the improved cushioning of our slides which prevent foot fatigue from standing and/or walking long distances. 

The smooth cushioned sole of our Kloud Slides allows for easier gliding/sliding movements which minimises friction between the foot and the floor and helps reduce strain on the feet, back and joints.

What does shock-absorbing mean?

Our Kloud Slides are scientifically proven* to offer strong shock absorption, which means they’re able to absorb and therefore minimise the impact of the foot hitting the ground.

*Independent laboratory testing, July 2023.

Can I use Kloud Slides as flip flops?

Of course! Kloud Slides are like an upgrade from flip flops as they feel more secure, eliminate rubbing, and keep the feet properly protected. They also have a super-supportive grip on all surfaces and are wear-resistant, so they’ll last far longer than your average flip flop.