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Key Features:

Machine Washable

5kg weight for kids 6+

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Designed to mimic a real hug

The blanket’s weight and soft touch stimulates deep touch pressure, which in turn releases the feel-good endorphins that we typically obtain from a loving embrace. So next time you need a hug, drape a kudd.ly™ around your body and instantly feel calmer.


kudd.ly™ is perfect for anywhere in the house. It is 48x78” in dimension and weighs approximately 5 kg.

Choose from Grey or Blue or get one of each, it will match perfect.

The weight in a kudd.ly™ made with BPA free, non-toxic glass beads.

Our Weighted Blanket Helps With...

Deep Relaxation

Improving sleep patterns

Reduce anxiety & panic attacks



Restless leg syndrome

What Our Customer Are Saying...

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I was so unsure if a weighted blanket would actually work but it is honestly amazing, one of the best things I've ever bought. As soon as I put it on top of me I instantly feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying! (Not a suffer of anxiety but super stressful job and struggle sleeping with a B12 deficiency and migraines)


Verified Buyer

"Helps with fibro pain"

I love my weighted blanket! I bought the cooling blankets to replace my duvet negate I always run hot. Because I experienced so many benefits from that, I bought also bought the original, comfy, snugly weighted blanket for using on the sofa. I use a sofa blanket almost all year round so replacing that with this has made a real difference. I'm getting less pain when I'm sitting on the sofa. It's so soft, comforting and relaxing.

-Annette W.

Verified Buyer

"Worked wonders"

I’ve always heard weighted blankets help with anxiety so anything was worth a try to help my child. He loves that secure cuddle feeling the blanket gives. Will sit wrapped up while watching a film or it lays in his bed at night. Comfortable without being too heavy which I have noticed with some other blankets!

-Karen C.

Verified Buyer

UK Owned & Operated


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