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How does it work? 
Mix & Match by adding any combination of hoodie and weighted blanket to your cart (up to 4 items). For example, choose 2 hoodies and 2 weighted blankets, or 3 hoodies and 1 weighted blanket. The choice is yours.

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Oversized Hoodie Blanket Features

Softest Fabric
Cruelty Free
Easy Returns

How does it fit? 
The kuddly hoodie is 96cm / 38in long
and weights 1.3kg / 2.86lbs.

See how the kudd.ly™ hoodie blanket fits your family below: 

Youth Height: 133cm/52.36"
Mega cosy fit - feels like taking your blanket with you everywhere you go!

Teen Height: 156cm/61.41"
Ultra cosy fit - feels like wearing a big blanket

Adult Height: 175cm/68.89"
Super cosy fit - feels like a massive baggy hoodie

Why Our Hoodie Blanket Is So Amazing...

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Original Weighted Blanket Features

5kg weight
for kids 6+
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pay later
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Designed to mimic a real hug
The blanket’s weight and soft touch stimulates deep touch pressure, which in turn releases the feel-good endorphins that we typically obtain from a loving embrace. So next time you need a hug, drape a kudd.ly™ around your body and instantly feel calmer.

kudd.ly™ is perfect for anywhere in the house. It is 48x78” in dimension and weighs approximately 5 kg.

Choose from Grey or Blue or get one of each, it will match perfect.

The weight in a kudd.ly™ made with BPA free, non-toxic glass beads.

Our Weighted Blanket Helps With...

  • Rated No.1 Best Weighted Blanket in the UK by Elle Magazine
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autism
  • Restless leg syndrome
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What Our Customer Are Saying...

I was so unsure if a weighted blanket would actually work but it is honestly amazing, one of the best things I've ever bought. As soon as I put it on top of me I instantly feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying! (Not a suffer of anxiety but super stressful job and struggle sleeping with a B12 deficiency and migraines)
-Kristen Verified Buyer
"Helps with fibro pain"
I love my weighted blanket! I bought the cooling blankets to replace my duvet negate I always run hot. Because I experienced so many benefits from that, I bought also bought the original, comfy, snugly weighted blanket for using on the sofa. I use a sofa blanket almost all year round so replacing that with this has made a real difference. I'm getting less pain when I'm sitting on the sofa. It's so soft, comforting and relaxing.
-Annette W. Verified Buyer
"Worked wonders"
I’ve always heard weighted blankets help with anxiety so anything was worth a try to help my child. He loves that secure cuddle feeling the blanket gives. Will sit wrapped up while watching a film or it lays in his bed at night. Comfortable without being too heavy which I have noticed with some other blankets!
-Karen C. Verified Buyer
"Sooo Soft"
Love the hoodies so soft and warm wouldn’t be without them. The sliders are very comfortable and the silk pillow cases great. Hope I win a kuddly blanket would love to try one.
-June Hamilton Verified Buyer
"My New Outfit"
Absolutely love my two kuddly hoodies bought the navy and Grey omg once on never want to leave home again so cummfy only improvement could make is colour how about a dark green option. Already have the weighted blanket only regret is waited so long to buy the hoodies.
-Patricia B. Verified Buyer
"I feel calm and happy always with my hoodie"
Bought an oversized Hoodie last winter and it is still in excellent shape. It is a brilliant product to buy if you are cold in the evening. Just throw this, get on the sofa and keep yourself warm and cozy. Would recommend this product to anyone thinking about buying it. Also had fast delivery. Useful Share
And they wash lovely.
-Thomas Verified Buyer