Silk Pillowcase - 4 Reasons Why Your Pillowcase is Damaging

Silk Pillowcase - 4 Reasons Why Your Pillowcase is Damaging

Struggling to grow those long luscious locks? Wondering why your hair always looks damaged despite the amount of product use? And does your hair still look wrecked after following a nourishing hair routine? The answer probably has something to do with your pillowcase. Because here’s the thing, if you aren’t sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’re sleeping wrong.

Silk pillowcases are breathable, non-irritating, and chemical-free. They are known for helping improve the health of hair and providing glowing skin. Yet, most of us don’t take advantage of the silk pillowcase benefits.

Most people don’t realize it, but the regular cotton pillowcases we enjoy sleeping on are actually wrecking our hair. Switching to a silk pillowcase might give you those wanted better hair days.

Here are the 4 ways your cotton pillowcase is destroying your hair and why you should switch to a silk pillowcase:

1. Cotton pillowcases cause bedhead

Your cotton pillowcase is rough on your hair. In fact, while you sleep, its texture is causing friction. It pulls and tugs your hair and forms knots. This is why you wake up with a bedhead.

Comparatively, a silk pillowcase’s texture is soft and smooth. It allows your hair to glide across its surface while you sleep. Instead of waking up with knots, your hair can look as good as it did before you went to bed.

Switching to a silk pillowcase could be the one thing that saves you a lot of headaches when it comes to your hair.

2. Cotton pillowcases cause breakage

Remember, a cotton pillowcase’s texture is rough to the point that your hair can snag and snap. This is why you wake up with loose hairs on your pillow and why you keep wondering where all the split ends are coming from.

Comparatively, a silk pillowcase allows your hair to move around freely. Plus, if you sleep on it with your hair in a low braid, the silk won’t pull your hair out. Silk protects your hair and minimizes split ends.

Switch to a silk pillowcase, and your hair will thank you for it.

3. Cotton pillowcases absorb the natural oils of your hair

Your cotton pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria. It absorbs all the natural oils of your hair, making your pillowcase dirty overnight, and then all those oils are affecting your skin.

Comparatively, a silk pillowcase protects your hair by not stripping it of its natural oils which keeps your skin from being clogged.

Switching to a silk pillowcase won’t just do wonders for your hair, it will also encourage clear, glowing skin.

4. Cotton pillowcases dry out your hair

Since your cotton pillowcase absorbs all of your hair’s natural oils, it really dries out your hair and causes frizz.

Comparatively, silk allows your hair to thrive by keeping its moisture intact. Waking up on silk keeps your hair looking as good as it did the night before.

Switch to a silk pillowcase, and always have shiny, healthy looking hair.

Why you should switch to a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has many benefits:

  • allows your hair to move around completely as you sleep, which means you won’t experience unwanted damage;
  • feels luxurious and keeps your hair healthy, which means you can grow long luscious locks;
  • is antibacterial and breathable, which means you won’t wake up with itchy, watery eyes;
  • is also temperature regulating, which means you stay at the perfect temperature for the best sleep.

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