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Your Guide To Hoodie Blankets

Picture this: rain pouring down on your window, your all-time favourite comfort show on TV, a cup of something warm in your hands and our hoodie blanket wrapped around you… yep, that sounds like total bliss to us!

Snuggable and oh-so-soft, kuddly Hoodie Blankets are like a big warm hug that you can wrap yourself up in whenever you need some instant comfort or a mood boost. They’re the perfect piece to put on when you want to stay cosy but look effortlessly cute at the same time.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about hoodie blankets, and why they’re so popular among people of all ages.

What are hoodie blankets?

A hoodie blanket is a crossover between a standard hoodie and a large blanket. You can also think of a blanket hoodie like an oversized hoodie, but the beauty of it is that they fit all sizes. Some people say that wearing a hoodie blanket feels like cuddling a big plush teddy bear, and we’d have to agree!

Another fantastic feature of hoodie blankets is that they come with an extra-large front pouch to help keep your hands warm and allow you to carry around all of your cosy essentials like books and snacks.

Hoodie blankets are designed to help you feel as warm, cosy and relaxed as

possible during the colder months, however they’re lightweight enough to be suitable for outdoor use too during the warmer days of the year. More on this below!

What materials are kuddly hoodie blankets made from?

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For the best level of comfort, all of our hoodie blankets are designed with a breathable teddy fleece exterior and an extra-toasty sherpa fleece interior. Nice and snug, just like how every hoodie blanket should be.

What are the benefits of hoodie blankets?

There’s lots to love about kuddly hoodie blankets. We’ve compiled a list of all of the reasons to own one of our best-selling hoodie blankets below.


Made using the softest materials imaginable, your hoodie blanket is your very own wearable hug to keep you snug while you’re laying on the sofa, working from home, or cosying up by the campfire on a chilly summer night. The only problem is, you’ll never want to take it off!

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If you’re someone who feels the cold easily (even with the heating on), a hoodie blanket is a must-have product to have in your home. For extra cosiness, we recommend pairing our hoodie blanket with our best-selling Komfies Heated Slippers and indulging in some me-time. Bonus cosy points for you if you also have our Big Throw Blanket or Weighted Blanket on your lap!


As well as being incredibly comfortable to wear, our oversized hoodie blankets are also multifunctional, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Since the exterior of our hoodies uses a breathable MicroCool™ material, they’re able to keep you comfortable in a variety of temperatures. That means you can wear them all year round, from your home to the airport to the beach. However you’d like to use your blanket hoodie is entirely up to you!

We love to hear about all of the imaginative ways that our Kuddlers have been using their hoodie blankets.

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One Size Fits All

Loved by adults and kids aged 10+, our super-soft and super-sized hoodie blankets are modelled after a 6XL hoodie, so there’s no need to worry about whether it’ll fit you or not.

Super Stylish

Our super-sized hoodies are available in multiple fun designs to suit all different types of styles. Whether you’re into bold block colours, flashy tie-dye prints or even glow-in-the-dark stars, kuddly blanket hoodies have been made for everyone.

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Great Gifting Choice

Gifting a hoodie blanket to someone is one of the best ways to show them you care. Not only do our hoodie blankets make for a truly unique birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s or Christmas gift, but they’re also designed to last which your loved ones are sure to appreciate. The best part? A hoodie blanket isn’t just for Christmas – you can gift the magic of comfort and make somebody’s cosy dream come true all year round.

How do I wash a hoodie blanket?

Giving your hoodie blanket some TLC couldn’t be easier – simply hand wash it or pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle to keep it feeling soft and smelling fresh.

If you choose to wash it with other clothing, just make sure to wash with similar shades to avoid any colour clashes.

After washing, simply tumble dry on a low heat or hang up outside to air dry. Your hoodie blanket will look and feel brand new!

To keep your hoodie blanket in the best condition, we recommend not ironing it and always keeping it away from fire.

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about our lovable, snuggable hoodie blankets. Have we convinced you to come and join the cosy side yet? Comfort doesn’t have to wait – find your dream hoodie blanket at kuddly today and get your cosy on.

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