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The #1 Sleep Position For Back Pain & More, According to Chiropractors

Have you ever asked yourself: “What is the best sleep position for lower back pain?” or “How can I reduce neck pain?” or even “What is the ideal pillow placement?”

Our mission at kuddly is to help you achieve the best sleep possible. That’s why we researched tips and guidelines from licensed Chiropractors on the best sleep positions for neck pain, back pain, posture, and overall sleep quality.

Keep reading for the best sleep position recommendations from trusted professionals.

Best sleep position for lower back pain

The best sleep position for back pain

One of the most common sleep problems is waking up with back pain. Lower back pain, in particular, is a problem for many people.

Jonathan L. is a Chiropractor at True Roots Chiropractic. Along with most chiropractors, he recommends that patients with lower back pain sleep on their backs.¹ He believes that sleeping on your back can feel unnatural to many.¹ Still, it is possible to make it more comfortable.

To begin sleeping on your back, try introducing some different assists to discover which one is right for you.

First, be sure to have a high-quality pillow. Memory foam, especially shredded or cubed memory foam, provides the ideal support. Both of the pillows in our line are fully adjustable, so you can get the exact kind of support you need to support your spine.

Pillow placement for back sleepers
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Then, try adding a smaller pillow under your knees or under your lower back to mimic the natural curve of your spine.¹

After a few nights, your body will get used to this new sleeping position, and your back pain should improve!

Best sleep position for neck pain

The best sleep position for neck pain

The number one way to avoid neck pain is to stop sleeping on your stomach. Nearly all chiropractors agree that sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleep position for back pain because it puts too much pressure on your cervical spine.²

If you sleep on your stomach, chiropractors highly recommend you try another sleep position.

While back sleeping is ideal, you can achieve alignment in a side-sleeping position if you have the proper pillow density for your head and between your knees.³ This will keep your spine in alignment from your neck down to your hips.

If you prefer stomach sleeping, moving to sleep on your back may be too uncomfortable of a transition for you. You can begin by sleeping on your side with the correct alignment and working towards sleeping on your back.

While making these transitions, you may find yourself buying various pillows to suit each position. With our fully adjustable Dream Pillow, you can modify the height and firmness of your pillow as you need.

Pillow placement for side sleepers
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Best sleep position for knee pain

The best sleep position for knee pain

A common problem for people who take chiropractors’ advice to sleep on their back is knee pain. Knee pain caused by improper sleep position can interfere with your daily life, especially if you work on your feet.

Sleep-induced knee pain is caused by a hyperextension of the knee. This creates tension in the joint and ligaments.

An easy solution is to place a small pillow under your knees to create a natural curve.³ This will take a significant amount of pressure off of your joints to reduce knee pain in the morning. This should also help improve the quality of your sleep!

Best sleep positions for better posture

The best sleep position for better posture

If you’ve noticed your shoulders slouching more than usual, you may be asking yourself: what are the best sleep positions for good posture? Since you spend approximately a third of your life asleep, this is an important question to ask!

Almost all chiropractors agree that the best sleep position for posture is sleeping on your back with a small pillow supporting your neck.⁴

However, you can achieve a similar result by sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees.⁴

Sleeping on your back is preferred because it can correct and realign your spine after a day of movement. This is especially important for anyone who sits at a desk for a large majority of their day, as their posture usually struggles as a result of their lifestyle.

Best pillow placement for sleep quality

The best pillow placement

According to the chiropractors at Nottinghill Family Wellness Clinic, the best pillow for you will depend heavily on your preferred sleep position.⁵ The most important thing to keep in mind is that your pillow should be the exact height and firmness to keep your head in alignment with your spine.⁵

For side sleepers, try a pillow that is the height of one of your shoulders when compressed. This will keep your head in alignment with your spine. This means a thicker pillow will work best for you.⁵

For back sleepers, try a pillow that is only thick towards the neck, in order to mimic the natural curve of the spine. This means a thinner pillow will work best for you.⁵

For stomach sleepers, your pillow should be as thin as you can manage. For some, it’s best to have no pillow at all, in order to avoid extending even more pressure on the neck.⁵

If you’re still unsure about which pillow will be best for you, we recommend trying an adjustable pillow, such as the Kalm Therapeutic Pillow or kuddly Dream Pillow. Both pillows provide superior spinal support and can be adjusted to the exact height and firmness of your preferences.

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Best sleep positions

While back sleeping is the preferred position amongst chiropractors and specialists, most sleeping positions can be made spine-friendly with the right support. Choose a pillow that will suit your exact needs and offer you premium support while you sleep in order to maximize your spinal health and wellness.

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