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Amanda M. - Verified Buyer

It definitely helps you sleep and the cooling technology works wonders. I'm a hot sleeper and I finally slept through the night no problem.

Katrina K. - Verified Buyer

Took a while to get used to, but once I did,  for the first time I've been able to sleep through the night without waking up in sweat.

Maggie W. - Verified Buyer

I'm a hot sleeper and have terrible anxiety and the kuddly cooling blanket has been such a life saver. I take it with me everywhere, it's so comforting and the cooling technology is brilliant. I've had the most comfortable sleep ever since getting mine. Thanks kuddly.

5 Layer HydroCool™ Technology

Product Details

All kuddly cooling blankets are weighted with anti-rustle, glass micro sand beads that are encased in a pocket of polyester and silently mould to your body’s shape. The breathable, HydroCool™ shell is ultra-soft, cooling, and allows for optimal airflow to maintain the most comfortable temperature throughout the night. It’s a completely worry-free weighted blanket, being one of the only single-unit weighted blankets on the market, making it super easy to care for.

Weighs 5kg

48x78” dimension (the size of a single bed or throw)
Taking care of your kudd.ly™ Cooling Blanket is super easy. It’s completely machine washable..

- Simply place your kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.

- Make sure to use a gentle detergent.

- Your kudd.ly™ Cooling Blanket loves to be air-dried, and make sure NOT to tumble dry it.

Either way, the more you take care of your Cooling Blanket, the more your Cooling Blanket will take care of you.
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