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Key Features

The perfect weight at 5kg
A single-unit weighted blanket
Machine washable
Breathable MicroCool™ fleece
Ultra-silent micro-glass beads
Shipped from the UK with free delivery
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I am very impressed with my Kuddly blanket - it gives 'comfort blanket' a whole new meaning. I keep one by my reclining armchair so that when my pain gets too bad I can sit and wrap this around me. It’s a game changer for me. I didn’t know what real sleep felt like until now.
Kate W | United Kingdom
Ultra-Silent Micro-Glass Sand Beads
Silently move to form to your body’s shape, giving you the most comforting hug
The Perfect Weight
Weighing at 5kg, the™ blanket is best for relaxation and not feeling overwhelmed
Just Like A Throw Blanket
Measuring at 48x78”, the™ blanket is the size of a single bed & it looks great in any room
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Weighted Blanket Specifications

All kuddly blankets are weighted with anti-rustle, glass micro sand beads that are encased in a pocket of polyester and silently mould to your body’s shape. The breathable, MicroCool™ Fleece shell, is ultra-soft and allows for optimal airflow to maintain the most comfortable temperature throughout the night. It’s a completely worry-free weighted blanket, being one of the only single-unit weighted blankets on the market, making it super easy to care for.
● Weighs 5kg
● 48x78” dimension (the size of a single bed or throw)

Taking care of your™ Weighted Blanket is super easy. It’s the only completely machine washable weighted blanket on the market.
  • Simply place your™ Weighted Blanket in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.
  • Make sure to use a gentle detergent.
Your™ Weighted Blanket loves to be air-dried, but it can be tumble dried if need be.Either way, the more you take care of your™, the more your™ will take care of you.

Ready to experience true tranquillity?

Our kuddly™ blanket is known for its ability to offer a real sense of peace and quiet of the mind. Focus more and enjoy long, deep, restorative sleep within the comforting folds of our kuddly™ blanket. Free your mind with a kuddly™ blanket
GET 2 for £89 Today Only!
Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.
Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.