7 Top Tips for Keeping Cool at Night This Summer

7 Top Tips for Keeping Cool at Night This Summer

The sun is shining, the ice cream vans are out and the long, hot days are right around the corner. 

Whilst we all love the warmth and uplifting mood of the hot days, many of us here in the UK are already feeling the effects of the nighttime temperatures rising. 

Keeping cool in houses and flats built to keep the warmth locked in can be a real issue, especially as being too warm at night can significantly impact our sleep quality. 

At this time of year lots of us will pack away our bulky winter duvets and swap in the bamboo bedding set, but there are lots more things we can do (even during the day) to ensure we’re getting a restful sleep, even on the most sweltering nights. 

Here are our top 7 tips for beating the heat and catching some z’s this summer. 

Use temperature regulating bedding

Opting for materials like bamboo sheets or silk bedding that’s specially designed to keep you cool and comfortable whilst you slumber can be a real game changer for hot sleepers. These materials are lightweight and breathable, allowing for better airflow and moisture wicking throughout the night. 

Have a hot shower or bath before bed

Although indulging in a hot wash on a hot night might sound counterintuitive, it can actually help to keep you cool for some time afterwards. A hot shower or bath will kick your body's internal temperature regulation into action, helping to cool you down as your body adapts to the cooler environment outside of the shower. Try having one just before bed.

Keep curtains and blinds shut during the day

Whilst it can be lovely to have the sun streaming in during the long summer days, keeping your bedroom curtains closed during the heat of the day can really help to keep the temperature down. Try closing your curtains or blinds during the heat of the day or on particularly sunny days.

Avoid tight fitting pajamas 

Anything tight fitting is a no go for hot summer nights. Allowing your skin to breathe with airy, loose fitting clothes is best if you like to wear pajamas. Also try opting for materials like cotton or silk, rather than polyesters or nylons as these will allow for more airflow on your skin.

Get the air flowing

Air flow is key to promoting as much cool as you can throughout your home. If you can sleep with your windows open during the night, it can be a great way of getting cool air inside. If not, try opening them for an hour or two in the morning or evening, but keep them closed during the day to lock the hot air out. If you have any fans, place them strategically so they will push the cool air from the windows further inside.

Keep hydrated during the day

Keeping your fluids up will help to regulate your body temperature. Avoid drinks with caffeine, like coffee, tea or Coca-Cola late in the evening, as these can contribute to dehydration. Alcohol can have a similar effect. Keeping some ice water within reach during the night can also be great to sip on if you get overheated

Use cooling mattress or bedding accessories

Cooling mattress or pillow toppers can be a great option for further temperature regulation on those particularly stuffy nights. Things like gel-infused memory foam can help to dissipate heat away from you and increase airflow throughout your bedding. Blankets like Cooling Weighted Blankets that use HydroCool technology are also a great option if your duvet is feeling too hot and heavy. 

Got any hot tips?

You can try a combination of these, or pick one to start with. Often it’s about finding which ones work for you, your home and your heat level. 

Let us know how you get on with ours or send us any tips of your own on our socials

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